Cosmetic Post-Op Surgery

What Can a Private Concierge Nurse Do For You?

Surgery, no matter how minor, can be a life-changing and nerve-wracking event. But when you hire an Elite Concierge nurse, you can rest and recover knowing that a highly-trained and experienced private nurse is by your side each step of the healing process. Not only do I provide you with skilled nursing care that is tailored to your wellness needs, but I offer you peace of mind.

From monitoring your vitals, wound care, medication management, and more, I am your trusted partner throughout your healing journey, ensuring that you have the education and care you require to heal effectively following your surgical procedure.

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet

1 hour

The Meet & Greet service is a one hour initial consultation (in-person or virtual) designed to help me get to know you and your wellness goals better. By assessing your personalized healing needs, I help you select the right package that fulfills your requirements and supports optimal healing outcomes.

This is also a Q&A time where I will answer your questions and provide you with education on pre/post-operation planning and procedures such as meal planning, ambulation, surgeon instructions, and more.

Tuck In Service

Elite Signature

4 hour

Get home and get settled with the Elite Signature package that offers the following concierge services:

Discreet post-operative nursing care

Tuck-in service

Physical assessment (Check wounds/drains, circulation, heart and lungs)

Vital signs check (Temperature, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen level)

Postoperative monitoring

Urine output monitoring

Medication reminders

Walking assistance

Deep breathing exercises

Discharge instructions & education

Optional à la carte service (additional fee)

Elite Concierge Nursing Services of Naples LLC

Elite Premium

8 hour

The Elite Premium package includes all services offered in the Elite Signature package, plus:

Drain & wound care

Light meal preparation

Essential oil therapy to alleviate headache, pain, anxiety, and nausea

Optional à la carte service (additional fee)

Bath Assistance

Elite Luxe

12 hour

The Elite Luxe package includes all services offered in the Elite Premium package, plus:

Bathing assistance

Grooming assistance

Light housekeeping

Optional à la carte service (additional fee)

Please call to book this package

*The timing of these procedures varies due to several factors, such as the length of your procedure, the time you need in the recovery room, delays, etc. If these procedures run on time it will take a minimum of 4 hours, so this service requires a $300 deposit (4 hour minimum), and the remaining payment due (if any) will be automatically charged to your account when our nurses leave your home.

**Ask if you do not see your procedure listed

À La Carte

Wound care2

Additional Wound & Drain Care

I will assess your incisions and any drains, if present. This service includes dressing changes, wound cleanse, application of topical medication (if ordered), and/or wound drainage.

Cancellation Policy

To receive a full refund you must cancel at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Cancellations less than 48 hours before a scheduled appointment will result in a $150 late cancellation fee. Note that the cancellation policy does not apply to canceled or rescheduled procedures.